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Corn Gluten

The most commonly used ingredient in Live Stock & Poultry is corn.

Description :

Corn is composed Starch (Carbohydrate), Gluten (Protein), Fat (Lipids) and Fibers (Cellulose) and providing valuable feed ingredients to produce high quality Live Stock and Poultry. Corn Gluten Meal is prepared by recentrifugation, filtering and drying of gluten slurry obtained in starch gluten separation in the mill. The Co-products obtained by processing corn are Corn Gluten Meal, Gluten Feed, Corn Germ Meal and Corn steep extracts.

Specification :

 Appearance:  Golden Yellow
 Moisture %:  10
 Protein %:  55 - 65

Applications : 

Cattle Feed 

Corn Gluten is widely used for cattle. Because of complex digestive system cattle can thrive on feeds relatively rich in fiber content and are less demanding of the quality of protein feed.

Poultry Feed  

Corn Gluten Meal is used as poultry meal Chickens, Broiler, Laying hens etc. Pigments to produce desired colour of skin and egg yolk is another special feature of poultry feeds. It is high in nutrient density and energy value, a good source of Vitamins and Minerals, high in methionine and efficient source of Xanthophylls, which are valued for their skin and yoke pigmentation.


Gluten meal is available in 50 Kgs Plastic lined HDPE woven bags.
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