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The product is manufactured by liquification of starch controlling the DE value not exceeding 25.

Description :

The liquid starch is hydrolyzed by liquification enzyme under the control condition to generate as high as 25 DE sugar containing maximum of Maltodextrin and minimum quantity of glucose and other sugar.

Specification :

Appearance: White free flowing Powder
Moisture %: 4 - 5
Ash % : 0.20
PH : 4.5 - 5.5
D.E % : 24 - 0.5%

Applications :

Food & Pharma Industry
It has been largely used in making of baby food & mix with other cereal powder to give a low calorie diet for the children. Besides this liquid form of Maltodextrin is also used in manufacture of pharma syrups subject to passing through microbial tests.

Packaging :

Maltodextrin is packed in 25 Kgs airtight bags & the liquid syrup living 70% discount can be supply in both drum packing of 275 kgs & by tanker.


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